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The family of Khalil Floyd created this Life Tributes page to view information related to the service or send flowers to the family.

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Khalil Floyd

December 24, 1976


May 2, 2022

"The key to life is love and conquering your ego."

Kahlil Hanif Floyd (Friend - Firm in Faith) Kahlil was born a day before Christmas, on December 24, 1976 to Cassandra Veal and Richard Floyd - a true gift! Kahlil was quiet and observant from the moment he took his first breath. He would watch and study his mother’s  every move. She could see this in his bright brown eyes.


Kahlil has always been a roamer, a free spirit - he could not keep still. He was curious, optimistic, an adventurer, a leader. He worked hard and was a life-long learner. He began earning a living as soon as he could, at the age of 11; working in his uncles’s corner store and then as a paper boy at age 15. He attended primary and secondary schools including Schultz Elementary, Beaubien Middle, King High School and graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in 2011. In his last days he talked about wanting to teach English classes as a college professor.


Kahlil was both a socialite and a loner. He enjoyed being with his many friends; friends that he kept throughout his physical life. No matter where he lived in and around Detroit, east side or west side, everyone in the neighborhood knew him. He enjoyed playing basketball, he’d often talk about his high school days playing ball with the King Crusaders. He loved game nights and gathering with family, teasing the opposing team when he’d win - hootie hoo!! But, peacefulness was essential. While alone he’d listen to Minnie Ripperton, write, or study spirituality, numerology, and philosophy.


Spiritually aware, Kahlil had a dire need to share his revelations with anyone that would listen. When his sisters Nida and Najah were born, Kahlil immediately took the role as their protector. He would also be a protector and a provider of knowledge for his mother. Kahlil cared about everyone that was in his life, past and present. He recently spoke about being there for his children Mann and Lee, how proud he was of Najah’s accomplishments, Nida’s thoughtfulness, and his mother’s resilience and strength. Kahlil cherished his family and wanted wholeheartedly to be everything they’d ever needed, which is a lot for any man striving to find his own life path.


Today we honor the beautiful life of our son, brother, father and friend Kahlil Hanif Floyd - a loving leader, teacher and family man, who transitioned on May 2, 2022.


Kahlil is survived by his children Kahlisha, Kahlil Lee and Kahlil (Mann), his sisters Nida and Najah, his wonderful mother Cassandra, his father Richard and an abundance of friends and family. Kahlil we love you and we will never forget how wonderful you were. We understand your journey and although you are not with us physically, your spirit will always be with us, keeping us balanced.

Funeral Service

Saturday, May 7, 2022

10:30am (EST) Family Hour

11:00am (EST) Funeral

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