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Obituary Resource Guide

Trying to create your loved ones obituary and don't know where to start?  Well take a look through our resource guide to assist you in making the decisions you need for your loved one.

Creating an Obituary.....What to include?


The cover page of your loved ones program should include the following information:

  • HEADING: This should reflect how you would like for your loved one to be remembered.  You can choose from one of the following listed on our obituary order form or you can make up your own. 

  • COVER PHOTO:   Please make sure that this photo is very clear and shows a good view of the deceased face.  A professional photo usually works well.  If the photo supplied is not clear, we reserve the right to choose one that will reflect your loved one perfectly.  You can include more than one photo on the cover as well.  If you want more than one photo, please indicate that at the time of write-up.

  • RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION:   If your loved one is of a specific affiliation that needs to be highlighted in the obituary via religious symbol or wording, please make sure you include that information in your write-up. 

  • DECEASED INFORMATION:  Please make sure you include full name and born and death date.  If you would like their birth and death dates highlighted more specifically (i.e. sunrise, sunset, etc.) please specify that in your write-up.

  • SERVICE INFORMATION:  Please make sure you include all information pertaining to the service.  The officiate is usually the minister presiding over the service.  The Officiate and the minster doing the eulogy can be the same person.


This section should include all information you wish to include about the life of your loved one.  This information can include:

  • Birthdate

  • Parent’s names

  • Place of Birth

  • Siblings (if any)

  • If there are any persons that have preceded them in death.

  • Schooling information (elementary through high school and college if necessary)

  • Religious information (when they were baptized and what church they were affiliated with)

  • Jobs that they have held

  • Personal life (marriage(s) children (if any)

  • Things they liked to do

  • Those whom they leave to cherish their memory

Please note that any family members that have preceded them in death should not be listed with the family members that are still alive left to cherish their memory.  They can be listed at the beginning or at the end after the loved ones still here.  

If you are having trouble articulating what you want to say, let our team help you create the obituary you would be proud of.  This service would be at an additional charge.


Each service is different, however most order of services follow a strict flow.  If the service is held in a church, most ministers have a flow of service they would like to follow to help ensure that the service doesn't run too long and that you can get to your next destination (i.e. cemetery or repass) on time.  A basic order of service can include:

  • Organ Prelude

  • Processional

  • Scripture (can include old and new testament)

  • Prayer                                                                           

  • Song                                                                              

  • Acknowledgment of Cards, Telegrams & Condolences                                          

  • Obituary                                                                      

  • Remarks                                                                                       

  • Song                                                                                              

  • Eulogy                                                           

  • Recessional     

  • Organ Postlude



The back page should include all of the following information:

  • Pallbearers - The individuals who have been asked to assist in carrying the casket from the place where the service has taken place to outside to the hurst and then again from the hurst to the cemetery (if being buried).  The minimum should be 6 but should be no more than 8.

  • Honorary Pallbearers - These are individuals are listed as back up.  The heading can also be used if your loved one is being cremated or has already been cremated.  

  • Flower Bearers - usually listed as family and friends.  The funeral home will usually ask for any available ladies to come up and carry them.  So there is no real need to list names here unless you want specific people to grab the flowers.

  • Final Arrangements Entrusted To -  This is usually the funeral home that handles the care of your loved one.  Whether they are being buried or cremated, you always want to acknowledge the funeral home responsible.

  • Interment - This is the cemetery where your loved one will be buried.

  • Acknowledgement Of Appreciation - this is the general thanks written on behalf of the family to show gratitude for all of the care shown while you prepare to lay your loved one to rest.

  • Repast - This is the location where friends and family will gather to fellowship after the services.   This is sometimes referred to as the afterglow.  This information is not mandatory and should only be shared with those whom you wish to invite.  If the "afterglow" will be limited then this information should not be included on the obituary.  

Please determine the size program you will need based on the amount of information you have.


Program Layout (4 pg.) 

Programs start at $1.25/program

(Sizes 8.5 x 5.5, 8.5 x 7, 10 x 13 & 11 x 17 or custom size)

               No more than 5 photos

               No more than 2 poems



Program Layouts (Trifold or Quad Fold) 

Programs start at $2.00/program

(Sizes 8.5 x  14, 8.5 x 16, 10 x 17 & 11 x 17 or custom size)

               No more than 20 photos

               No more than 3 poems


Program Layouts (8 pg.)

Programs start at $2.75/program

(Sizes 8.5 x 5.5, 8.5 x 7, 10 x 13 & 11 x 17 or custom size)

               No more than 25 photos

               No more than 5 poems



Program Layouts (12 pg.) Programs start at $4.00/program

(Sizes 8.5 x 5.5, 8.5 x 7, 10 x 13 & 11 x 17 or custom size)

               No more than 40 photos

               No more than 8 poems

Obituary Sizes & Layouts





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